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Road Sharing Taskforce Highlights

In 2011, the Prospect Park Road Sharing Taskforce was convened to examine how the full range of Park users (runners, walkers, competitive cyclists, recreational bikers, etc.) can safely share the Park Drives. The goal was to examine together how the various uses intersect and what measures can be implemented to foster the safe use of the Park for everyone.

The Taskforce has recommended the following changes to the Park Drives to create clear and safe crossing areas and make the drives predictable so users will know where to expect other users.

Phase 1 Actions


  • Encourage pedestrians to cross at crosswalks and on “green”
    • High Visibility Crosswalks
    • Signage
    • Educational Outreach
  • Foster stop on “red“ for everyone
    • Educational Outreach
    • Ongoing Enforcement
  • (New) The crosswalk at Wellhouse Drive and West Drive (near the Vanderbilt Playground) will be widened from 12 feet to 25 feet.
  • (New) There will be two new crosswalks added to the Park Drive at Grand Army Plaza.


  • Assign one permanent use to each lane
    • Extend green phase of traffic lights during traffic hours to maintain Level of Service
    • Emphasize one-way use for bicycles
  • Reinforce with outreach, pavement markings, signage, and ongoing enforcement


Park Drive – Open to Traffic


Park Drive – Closed to Traffic


Phase 2 Actions

  • Review of Phase 1 Implementation – “Is it working?”
  • DOT Feasibility Study of Pedestrian Activated Traffic Lights
  • Review Crosswalk and Traffic Light Locations
  • Pursue placement of additional park benches bordering the Park Drive
  • Study feasibility of a jogging lane on the park landscape



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