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Why the Great GoogaMooga

In May Prospect Park will once again host the Great GoogaMooga Festival. Providing facilities and hosting activities that large numbers of people can enjoy together are things the Prospect Park Alliance has been doing for over 25 years -- from Little League to Celebrate Brooklyn to the NY Philharmonic to the new Lakeside rinks.

For over 25 years, the Alliance has also been finding ways to increase the resources available for the care of the Park’s natural and built environments. In that context, we are testing the idea that an event like GoogaMooga can be developed in a way that will provide additional support for the care of the Park, to the benefit of all Park users. Part of the learning is to see if GoogaMooga can provide activities of broad interest and contribute resources for the Park without causing long-term damage to the Nethermead or excessively disrupting other activities.

We had – as did many Park users -- concern about damage to the grass in the Nethermead. Based on last year’s experience, the producers have proposed an event that incorporates many improvements to both their use of the Nethermead and their service to attendees. The site plan has been revised to make it easier to “load in” and “load out” for the event. We have also allowed additional days so as to reduce vehicle use within the Nethermead. And we will document before and after conditions even more extensively than last year to assure that conditions end up back where they started. We also have a better plan for how to maintain cross-Park passage and how to limit the use of event vehicles on the Park drives.

For the festival itself, additional restaurants have been added and there will be more people managing lines and checking IDs, along with better signage.

We appreciate the comments we receive from the public. We will monitor those as well as the quality of the event and how it is managed as we continue to assess the value this event brings to Prospect Park and all of its users.

Thank you for your continued support of Prospect Park.


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