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Hundreds of anglers flock to the Park for prime "catch and release" fishing. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Prospect Park's Lake has the largest concentration of largemouth bass in the entire state. Read the latest New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Prospect Park Lake Fishery Summary.

 Fishing on the Lake

Fishing Guidelines

Fishing is "catch and release" only. Once a fish is caught, remove the hook and return it to the Lake unharmed.
• The use of barbed hooks is prohibited by New York State Law.
• Anglers must respect the habitats and nesting grounds of birds and waterfowl.
• Leave fishing sites clear of all debris.
• Careless disposal of fishing line poses extreme hazards to birds and small animals. Hooks are especially dangerous to children and wildlife.
• Dispose of fishing line in a labeled fishing line recycling containers (black PVC tubes installed around the watercourse), or carry out of the Park to be disposed of properly in closed garbage containers.
• Sinkers, weights, or splitshot that are made out of lead are prohibited. Lead items are extremely harmful to the environment. Please use those made of tin instead.
• Never hold a fish by the underside of its gills. Please refer to this website for instructions on handling fish.

Fishing Rules Card 

A New York State fishing license is required to fish in Prospect Park for people 16 and older. You can obtain a license from:
Department of Environmental Conservation
(866) 933-2257

You may also purchase a license at: 
Bernie's Fishing Tackle
3035 Emmons Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 646-7600

Gear To Go Outfitters
217 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 399-7848

Obey all Department of Environmental Conservation and angling regulations.

The following are prohibited in and around Prospect Park waterways:
• Private boats and other flotation devices
• Swimming and wading
• Construction of makeshift fishing piers or bridges along the lakeside
• Removal of snow fence, stakes, ladders or any Park equipment or material

No fishing allowed in Pools, Ravine or Binnenwater

Look for rule cards about fishing, barbecuing, and other activities at the Audubon Center and Litchfield Villa.

Macy’s Fishing Clinics

Prospect Park’s Fishing Clinics is a "catch and release" fishing program for kids 15 and under. This is a great way to teach kids a new skill and get them excited about nature. As part of the program, anglers participate in free, fun and educational workshops. Fishing poles are provided, or kids can bring their own. All fishing is done on a "catch and release" basis; fish must be returned to the Lake alive. Learn more >

NYC Angler Diary Cooperator Program
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) recruits volunteer anglers to participate in a New York City Angler Diary Cooperator Program. The program enables DEC to collect information from experienced anglers targeting freshwater fish species to help supplement data from DEC fisheries surveys performed throughout the five boroughs.

The program is conducted annually from the beginning of spring to the last day in October.

More information >

Urban Park Rangers: (718) 421-2021
Information on fishing at other NYC Parks.

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