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What is the distance of the Park Drive?
The distance of the main Park roadway is 3.35 miles. The outside perimeter sidewalk is 3.75 miles.

Click here to download a map of the Park with distances for runners
If you want to measure the precise distance of a smaller run in the Park, try this website.

Where are public restrooms located?
Click here for a list fo public restrooms

How do I hold a party or other event in the Park?
Outdoor gatherings of over 20 people require a permit. Please visit our Permits page for more information.   
To find out about holding an event at one of our facilities, please visit our Parties section.

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What kind of events are there at the Park?
Prospect Park hosts a wide variety of special events every year. Some examples are: 

Does the Park ever close?
The Park is closed daily from 1 to 5 a.m. Park attractions have their own operating hours, which you can find by visiting our Places to Go.

When are the water fountains on?
Water fountains are turned on in late April/early May and stay on through mid- to late-November. Exact dates are weather dependent.

How do I get help while in the Park?
If you need assistance while in the Park: 

  • Locate one of the many yellow Police call boxes scattered throughout the Park. (See our map with call box locations.) 
  • Flag down an official Parks vehicle or Parks Enforcement Patrol vehicle or personnel. 
  • For all park-related problems, questions or complaints, call 311, the City Information & Services Hotline.
  • For emergencies within the Park, call 911. 
  • During business hours, go to Litchfield Villa, Wollman Rink, or the Visitor Center at the Boathouse for assistance. 
  • Call 911 on a payphone or cell phone.

Got a question? Email us about it!

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