Lakeshore Restoration Letter of Support

Help restore the Prospect Park Lakeshore!

Prospect Park Alliance is advocating for funding support from the Mayor and New York City Council to transform the shoreline of the Park’s 60-acre Lake, Brooklyn’s only Lake, from the Parkside + Ocean Avenue Entrance to the Peninsula. The Alliance has raised $3 million to date, which has produced a master plan and Phase I design, and is now requesting the remaining $17 million in support.

Lend your voice to this effort by sending a letter of support via this form to Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and members of the Brooklyn Delegation of the City Council whose districts border the project, Members Shahana Hanif, Crystal Hudson and Rita Joseph, as well as the co-chairs of the Brooklyn Delegation, Farah Louis and Chi Osse.

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Prospect Park Lakeshore Restoration Letter of Support

Please complete this form to help advocate for Prospect Park Lakeshore Restoration.