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About the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is tucked away in the northeast corner of Prospect Park in a heavily wooded area that is surrounded by steep hillsides. Roughly 2.5 acres can be used for activities and public amenities.

The area now known as the Rose Garden was originally intended by Park designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux as a Children's Playground, complete with the Park's first, horse-driven carousel. In 1885, as part of the City Beautiful Movement, the landscape was transformed into a rose garden, including three pools with goldfish and lilies, which became a popular Park attraction prior to the establishment of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in 1911.

In 1969 the roses were long gone, and in an attempt to rehabilitate the area the City had fountains installed in the garden's three central pools. These were promptly turned off when underground pipes began to leak, flooding the entire area. The fountains were never fixed, and the pools have remained dry ever since.

Today, this area is tended by Prospect Park Alliance landscape crews and dedicated volunteers. The garden now remains quiet, unnoticed and underused, presenting a great opportunity for you to help the Alliance shape the future of this corner of the Park.