TreeKeeper Database - Prospect Park Alliance

TreeKeeper Database

Prospect Park Alliance recently surveyed more than half of the park's 30,000 trees through $113,000 in Urban Forestry grants from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Using the TreeKeeper Interactive Map, you can identify all of the mapped trees in Prospect Park. Use the embedded map below or visit the Prospect Park TreeKeeper website

To use the TreeKeeper Interactive Map:​

  • Use the control panel on the left to select Map Tools, Map Layers, Tree Benefits, Search and Report Builder.
  • Use the Search function to search by species, trunk size and more.
  • Learn more about individual trees by selecting them on the map and clicking the green arrow on the Site Information pop up box.

The Tree Survey is part of Prospect Park Alliance's mission to keep Brooklyn's Backyard green and vibrant. Help us keep the park's tree green and healthy by contributing to our commemorative tree program and Arbor Day community planting.

Please Note:

  • Because of the significant amount of data included in this map, there may be some delays while it loads. Thank you in advance for your patience.
  • TreeKeeper is best used on a desktop. It may not function on some mobile devices.
  • The tree inventory is incomplete, so some data may not be available.


  • Crown Spread: the distance of foliage and branches growing outward from the trunk of the tree, measured in feet.
  • DBH: Diameter at breast height, a standard method of expressing the diameter of the trunk of a standing tree, measured in inches.
  • Gold Medal Trees: 10% top performing trees.
  • MultiStem: Multiple stems or trunks.

This project was funded through an Urban Forestry Grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and was implemented by Davey Resource Group.