Prospect Park Tree Care Grant

Prospect Park is home to 30,000 trees of more than 175 species, as well as Brooklyn’s last remaining forest. As part of its work to sustain the park’s natural areas, in 2021, Prospect Park Alliance recently received generous funding from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Urban and Community Program to perform essential tree maintenance in Prospect Park. Forestry professionals cleared select areas of the park of decayed trees, so that the Alliance can plant native species of trees to keep Brooklyn’s last remaining forest and natural areas green and healthy. 

This funding support follows a previous grant to survey roughly half the park’s 30,000 trees to shed light on their significant impact on Brooklyn’s quality of life, and to create a forest management plan. Learn more about the benefits of the park’s trees, and the challenges they face with respect to climate change.



Learn more about Prospect Park Alliance’s work to sustain the environment in Prospect Park.