Park Staff At-Home Recommendations

These days, we’re all spending more time at home. From books and movies, to cooking and activities with family members, there are lots of ways to pass the time. We asked you—what at-home activity are you enjoying that you would recommend to your colleagues? Here are the fantastic answers we received:

Games and Crafts

Maria Carrasco, Vice President for Public Programs
“I’ve been making DIY face masks. Here is the mask template and video I used, although there are many others to choose from on the web, including no-sew ones.”
Maria Carrasco facemask.png

Lucy Gardner, Marketing + Communications Senior Manager
“Tie dye! Whether from a store-bought kit or by making your own dye from food scraps like onion skins and avocado pits (great tutorial here), this is such a fun activity for everyone, and it gives new life to old clothing.”

Justine Heilner, Senior Landscape Architect
If you have kids—or you are zooming/facetiming/video chatting with family with kids—MAD LIBS! So much fun for all ages and it teaches young people what nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc are.”
Justine madlibs.jpg

Eunice Hill, Permit Liaison
“Solina and I been entertained by playing Uno, Monopoly and a card game called Spit. These games have been testing her coordination, strategy and speed.” 

Cooking and Baking

Sue Donoghue, President
“We’ve been doing a lot of cooking, and my daughter has found some great recipes such as this one. It’s easy and delicious!”

A.J. Logan, NRC Hurricane Sandy Crew Foreperson
“Bread baking—this slow rise recipe is perfect for people stuck at home—I’ve used it for years!”


Alden Maddry, Senior Architect
“I’m planting a pollinator garden in my backyard! Removing some of the turf grass and replacing it with bee-friendly plants and flowers. Gardening is a great activity to get your mind off of all of the bad news (and I’m lucky enough to have a place where I can do this.)”

Svetlana Ragulina, Landscape Architect
“If you have any seeds or even dried beans at home, you may want to start some seedlings!  I’m currently keeping an eye on tomato and cucumber plants growing on the windowsill but just for another few weeks before I bring them to the community garden.”

Books, TV and Music

Paul Campbell, Tennis Center Director
“”10:04” by Ben Lerner. It’s a contemporary, Brooklyn centric, self referential novel. “

Dan Clay, Gardener
“Learn to play guitar from Marty Schwartz on YouTube.”

Felicity Frisbie, Creative Director
“”The Stranger.” Eight part series on Netflix. Twistiest plot ever with likable characters and many subplots. Starts with a dad in England watching his kid’s soccer game and chatting with the other parents when a stranger comes up to tell him a story…and you’re off on a adventure. Perfect for binge watching.”


Cat Feliciano, Rentals and Event Planning Coordinator
“I’ve found taking courses on LinkedIn Learning (free 30 day trial) and a LOT of cooking and baking have helped pass the time.”

Milagros Kennebrew, Volunteer Services Coordinator
“Organizing digital and traditional photos. It would be wonderful to know where EVERY photo is!”

Marcia Williams, Fieldwork Supervisor 
“Cleaning out your inbox!”


Sheena Enriquez, Assistant Architect
“Fostering a dog. If you have the time and space in your heart and home, helping a pup in need can be a rewarding experience. My husband and I fostered two separate puppies since the Stay-at-home order began. We have little experience with dogs, so this was definitely a learning challenge! We fostered through the organization, Hearts and Bones Rescue.”

Sheena puppy.png

Jessica Jamhoury, Volunteer Department Director
“Catching up with old friends and distant cousins on the phone or video chat.”

Jess Wachtler, Marketing + Communications Coordinator
“I’ve enjoyed exploring the city by way of bike. So far I’ve crossed the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and visited Lower Manhattan, Red Hook, Long Island City, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Vinegar Hill, and Glendale.”

jess wachtler photo.png