Community Legacy Project

Join Prospect Park Alliance  as part of Reimagine Lefferts for a special presentation by Shari Jones, creator and founder of ASNEAA. ASNEAA is an acronym representing the migration out of Africa– A being throughout the global community, S–South America, N–North America, E–Europe, A–Asia, and A–Australia.  ASNEAA seeks to map the geographic migration of people out of Africa with an emphasis on the devastation of the Transatlantic Slave Trade of the 1400s-1800s to the Diaspora; while collecting narratives around these shared community experiences. This program features an in-depth presentation that spans 400 years of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color-centered narratives and heritage sites in Prospect Park. In this program, adults, families and children ages 8 and up are invited to learn about important social justice advocacy throughout history and explore creative expression in social justice in an interactive way.

2 – 3:30 pm Presentation: The program begins with the 17th century at the Lefferts Historic House and moves forward towards social justice advocacy milestones including the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter Movement. Throughout the program there will be family-friendly trivia prizes for participants to showcase their social justice advocacy knowledge.

1 – 4 pm Arts as Advocacy: There will be an arts-as-advocacy creative expression project where children can take part in a painting project and make an advocacy picture or sign with a positive advocacy message on canvas while supplies last.

Reimagine Lefferts is an initiative to re-envision the mission and programming of this historic house museum while it undergoes restoration, recognize the role the house played as a site of slavery, and tell the stories of enslaved Africans who lived and worked on the Lefferts farm and Native Americans that were displaced from their ancestral lands.