Pop-Up Audubon: Leaf Litter Critters

A healthy forest has helpers to ensure the circle of life goes on. Through fun games and experiments, uncover the secrets of soil creatures, fungus and decomposition. 

  • Adventure Hike, 12–1 pm
    Alliance naturalists will introduce you to the natural history of Prospect Park and its hidden trails.  Recommended for families with children 5 and older.
  • Nature on the Go!, 1–2 pm
    Join Alliance naturalists on a search under the soil to learn about the secret lives of Leaf Litter Critters. Participants can even take home their very own compost bin.
  • Nature’s Helpers, 2–3 pm
    Did you know that trees help trees? After learning how mulch protects tree roots, spend time spreading wood chips around trees.
  • Family Bird Watching, 3–4 pm
    After learning how to use binoculars, join our naturalists to identify some of the 250 species of birds that call Prospect Park home.