The Misanthrope: A Live Performance

Tune in to YouTube to watch a live performance of Moliére’s best known play, The Misanthrope, from Prospect Park’s own theater company, Moliére in the Park! Actors will perform from their homes around the world, including New York City, Milwaukee, and Perugia, Italy on Saturday, May 2 at 7pm EST.

Picture this: it’s 17th century France and Alceste (the misanthrope in question) has decided he must put an end to hypocrisy as a whole AND win the heart of Célimène, the most adept gossip of them all. The ensuing action puts Alceste on a crash course between the pursuit of ideals and human fallibility.

Join the livestream!

A recording of the performance will be posted on YouTube, and will remain there for public viewing through May 6.

Learn more about this production on the Moliére in the Park website.

This event is presented by Moliére in the Park and FIAF/French Institute Alliance Française​ in partnership with Prospect Park Alliance.