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4 Seasons of Picnic House Weddings

August 15, 2018

The Picnic House is a charming and historic event venue in Prospect Park, adaptable for occasions in all four seasons. With scenic views of the 90-acre Long Meadow, outdoor access and a working wood fireplace, it provides a bucolic setting in the heart of Brooklyn. See a slideshow of Picnic House weddings in each season, and get  ready to plan your own!

There is no more romantic time or place to get married than Prospect Park as it bursts into bloom in the springtime. The Picnic House is surrounded by daffodils, forsythia and other early-blooming spring flowers. Decorate with budding branches and enjoy the outdoor access afforded by the venue.

In summer, take advantage of one of the Picnic House’s most popular features–the space to have an outdoor wedding ceremony overlooking the rolling lawn of the Park’s 90-acre Long Meadow. With this bucolic setting, your wedding will look like it is taking place in the countryside. Plus, during the warmer months, Prospect Park Picnic House caterers can grill outdoors. If you’re looking to have a barbecue or grill out wedding, take advantage of this option!

In fall, the park bursts into a riot of colors–a gorgeous backdrop for your special day. The crisp weather means you can still take advantage of the outdoor space and head back indoors to party the night away.

In winter, enjoy panoramic views of the Long Meadow blanketed in snow from inside the cozy Picnic House. In these darker months, decorate with candles and don’t forget about the venue’s wood-burning fireplace!

See a slideshow of Picnic House weddings in all four seasons. 

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