Dog Walking Rules + Safety - Prospect Park Alliance

Dog Walking Rules + Safety

To keep Prospect Park green, safe and beautiful, please follow these rules and safety guidelines:

  • Off-leash hours are permitted from 6 am–9 am and 9 pm – 1 am at the Long Meadow (except ballfields), Nethermead and Peninsula Meadow (except woodlands). Dogs must be leashed at all other times and all other areas of the Park.
  • To protect wildlife habitats, dogs must always be leashed and stay on paths in wooded areas.
  • At Dog Beach, dogs must be leashed except during off-leash hours. Caution: the water becomes deep very fast.
  • Dogs are never allowed in playgrounds, on bridle paths or on ballfields or other designated sports areas.
  • Dogs are allowed on paths surrounding the ballfields and at the Parade Ground, but must be leashed at all times.
  • Owners must always be in control of their dogs and leashes must be six feet or shorter.
  • Please dispose of dog waste properly.
  • Do not allow dogs to dig; holes create trip hazards.

Please note: Blue-Green Algae Blooms can be harmful to people and pets. Learn more about safety during blooms. 

Download our Dog Guide for the latest info and tips on enjoying Prospect Park, including a map of off-leash locations.