Boating, Biking + Splash Pad 2020 - Prospect Park Alliance

Lakeside Hours and Rates 2020

COVID-19 Update: Please note all bike and boat rentals will be sanitized at the start of each day and immediately after being returned to our rental locations after each use. Boats and bikes that accommodate more than one person will only be rented to members of the same household. Patrons are requested to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines posted on site, including adhering to mask wearing and social distancing protocols.

Roller Skating: 
daily through Nov 1, 12 pm - 7 pm
Boating + Biking: daily, 10 am - 6:30 pm, weekends only Oct 13 - Nov 1
Bluestone Cafe: Weds - Sun, 11 am - 6 pm

Last boat rental is 2 hours prior to closing, and last bike rental goes out 1 hour prior to closing; operations are weather permitting. A valid government ID is required for all rentals. Bike rentals come with a safety helmet, children under 14 are required to wear a helmet. Boat rentals include life jackets.

Rates - Roller Skating:
Weekdays: Admission $6, Skate Rentals $7
Weekends: Admission $10, Skate Rentals $7

Rates - Specialty Bikes:
Single Surrey (3 adults, 2 small children): $28/hour
Double Surrey (6 adults, 2 small children): $38/hour
Deuce Coupe (2 adults, 2 small children): $28/hour
Chopper (1 person): $13/hour
Quad Sport (1 person): $13/hour

Rates - Traditional Bikes:
Tandem: $20/hour; $30/half-day; $47/full-day
City/Hybrid: $18/hour; $34/half-day; $45/full-day
Cruiser: $13/hour; $26/half-day; $33/full-day
Kids: $8/hour; $18/half-day; $25/full-day
Tag-a-long: $8/hour; $18/half-day; $25/full-day
Kids Trailer: $8/hour; $18/half-day; $25/full day

Rates - Boats:
Single Pedal Boat (2 person + one lap child capacity): $26/hour
Double Pedal Boat (4 person + one lap child capacity): $36/hour
Single Kayak (1 person): $16/hour; $30/half-day; $40/full-day
Double Kayak (2 person): $25/hour; $38/half-day; $45/full-day