3 Ways You Show Your Prospect Park Love

May 18, 2020

In uncertain times, one of the things Prospect Park Alliance can count on is our community to show the park some love—in wonderful and creative ways! We’re highlighting some of the park-inspired photos, poems and works of art that you’ve shared with us through our social media channels. They’ve brightened our days, and we hope they’ll lift your spirits, too.


April was National Poetry month, and we asked for your park-inspired haikus. Here are a few gems: 

Saw friend from afar,
Together we breathe and laugh,
Is this heaven now?

-Instagram user @routinetheenemy

Two cooper hawks eat
Silently. The midwood shows
Life, and death, go on.

-Instagram user @malkombre

Trees wear pastel veils
of delicate buds and leaves
that bask in morning light

-Instagram user @ejgertz​


Prospect Park has always been a source of inspiration for artists, and these days we’ve been loving seeing the park through your eyes: 


From Instagram user @johnparnellstudio


From Instagram user @judipheifferart


From Instagram user @bigskysafaris


From Instagram user @shogandrawings​


There is never a shortage of excellent photography taken in  Prospect Park. In recent weeks, our community has kept up the beautiful shots with poignant captions to match. 


From Instagram user @flysi3000, “The world is still a beautiful place. Feeling very appreciative of the beauty that’s right outside my window.”


From Instagram user @virginial.s.freire, “In my life as a photographer, a mother, and a native Brooklynite, I have always been grateful to Prospect Park. But now more than ever the Park has been a touchstone that has bolstered me through this time, helped me find daily moments of beauty, and provided me with space to breathe. There at sunrise, the trails and ‘secret places’ in the Park offer respite and a place to reflect, find resolve, and overcome my own anxieties. I am eternally grateful.”


And from Instagram user @vali.bas, “there is light at the end of the path.”

Want to contribute? Show us your drawings, photos, poems, performance pieces and more on social media—tag @prospect_park or use #prospectpark.