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Prospect Park Alliance sustains, restores and advances Prospect Park to benefit the diverse communities that call Brooklyn home.

The Alliance


Maria Carrasco, Vice President for Public Programs
​Sue Donoghue, President and Park Administrator
Deborah Kirschner, Vice President of Marketing & Communications
Susan Sharer, Vice President of Development
James Snow, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth Walsack, Regional Manager*
Camilla Winter, Assistant to the President and Park Administrator*
Christian Zimmerman, Vice President Capital & Landscape Management

Design & Construction
Sheena Enriquez, Assistant Architect
Justine Heilner, Senior Landscape Architect
Alden Maddry, Senior Architect
Amy Peck, Archivist
Svetlana Ragulina, Landscape Architect
Jabari Taylor, Assistant Landscape Architect
Sarena Rabinowitz, Intermediate Assistant Architect
Paula Unger, Financial Analyst
Deidre Wilson, Resident Engineer

Guido Castellani, Institutional Giving Manager
Nasrene Haj, Senior Development Manager
Jessica Liss, Donor Relations Manager
Nicole Tantillo, Senior Coordinator Development Events
Allison Taylor, Director Development
Becka Vacarelo, Development Operations Coordinator

Tanya Dupree, Maintainer
Nicholas Lockyer, House Manager
Kenneth Lyons, Facilities Manager
Rafe Shaffer, Supervising Educator

External Affairs
Cory Provost, Director of Government & Community Relations

Curline Adjodha, Controller
Geraldine Alston, Accountant​
Miguel Carrillo, Accounts Payable & Finance Coordinator
Yelena Driker, Senior Accountant*

Human Resources
Julie Guerrero, Director
Luis Garcia, Human Resources Coordinator

Information Technology
Wendell Walker, IT Director

Landscape Management
Katherine Abrams, NRC Youth Programs Manager
Mark Anthony, Natural Resources Crew Supervisor
Margaret Barritt, Office Manager
Franklin Bordero, City Parks Worker*
Chris Carroll, Turf Crew Supervisor*
Daniel Clay, Gardener II*
Peter Dorosh, Forestry Technician
Ronen Gamil, Horticultural Supervisor
Howard Goldstein, Forest Ecologist
Christopher Gucciardo, Arborist I
John Jordan, Director
Nigel Jones, Turf Ballfield Tech II
Mary Keehbauch, NRC Foreperson
Corbin Laedlein, Lakeside Assistant Gardener
AJ Logan, NRC Forestry Technician
Katherine Murphy, Forestry Technician
Christopher Pierce, Turf Ballfield Tech II
Kurt Stair, City Parks Worker*
Marcia Wint, City Parks Worker*
Marty Woess, Forestry, Wildlife and Aquatic Technician

Maintenance & Operations
Sherman Alleyne, City Park Worker*
Walter Banney, Maintenance Worker*
Jose Betancourt, Senior Facilities Maintainer
R. Bobbitt, Crew Chief*
Alexandre Boure, Supervisor Prospect Park & Parade Ground
Paula Carter, Associate Park Service Worker*
Keith Clayton, Groundskeeper II
Anthony Cox, City Park Worker*
Leroy Daly, City Park Worker*
Demetrio Dean, City Parks Worker*
Keon Dudley, Groundskeeper II
Kevin Franklin, Groundskeeper II
Frank Forman, Park Supervisor*
Shaunna Gayle, Associate Park Service Worker*
Jessie Garland, Groundskeeper II
Renee Gordon, Groundskeeper II
Subrena Hayden, City Park Worker*
Marlon Hinkson, Associate Park Service Worker*
Frank Jack, City Parks Worker*
Philip Johnson, City Seasonal Aide*
Susalet Julien, City Seasonal Aide*
Darryl King, City Parks Worker*
Rob Lewis, Associate Park Service Worker*
Byron Lindsay, Park Supervisor*
Tasheen Mays, City Park Worker*
Irene Mendez, Facilities Project Coordinator
Miguel Napoleoni, Associate Park Service Worker*
Leroy Nora, Park Supervisor*
Joseph Oluwashola, City Parks Worker*
Claude Ormsby, Park Manager*
Jonathan Patrizio, Operations Coordinator*
Henderson Payne, Maintenance Worker*
Alex Rios, City Parks Worker*
David Rivera, Facilities Maintainer II 
Jose Santiago, City Parks Worker*
Arthur Stewart, City Parks Worker*
Franklyn Theophile, Associate Park Service Worker*
Derrick Turner, City Park Worker*
Georgiy Vdovichenko, Senior Groundskeeper
Glen Weeks, Groundskeeper II
Clarence Williams, Park Supervisor*
Maria Zarzuela, City Parks Worker*

Marketing & Communications
Felicity Frisbie, Creative Director
Lucy Gardner, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
Jess Wachtler, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Special Events
Jasmine Haynes, Director
Nicole Phillip, Event Permit Coordinator*
Eunice Hill, Permit Liaison*
Lawrence Timberlake, Deputy Director*

Visitor Services
Hermann Apedo, Court Maintainer
Donna Ashton, Business Coordinator
Paul Campbell, Tennis Center Director
Paul Curtin, Junior Development Director
Eddie Hernandez, Assistant Concessions Manager
Kymberle Joseph, Rentals & Event Planning Director
Patrick Kelly, Director of Concessions
Nigel Liverpool, Program Assistant
Michael Mendez, Front Desk Representative
Kenji Michaud, Junior Development Program Assistant
Elyse Newman, Assistant Vice President of Visitor Services
Margaret Ring, Concessions Manager
Jennifer Silva, Front Desk Representative
William Thigpen, Picnic House Manager
Kenya Williams-Wallace, Program Coordinator
April Miller Lopez, Senior Maintainer

Volunteer Program
John A. Delgado, Fieldwork Supervisor
Jessica Jamhoury, Director
Abby Grosslein, Seasonal Project Coordinator
Milagros Kennebrew, Volunteer Services Coordinator
Lena Lam, Seasonal Project Coordinator
Marcia Williams, Project Coordinator*
*fully or partially funded city position


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