Give a Commemorative Gift

Honor a friend or loved one, or celebrate special events or milestones with a commemorative bench or woodland sapling in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Commemorative Giving FAQs

Learn more about commemorative giving opportunities in Prospect Park and read some of our most frequently asked questions.

Woodland Tree Scenery with Pathway

Commemorative Saplings

Learn more about planting a woodland restoration sapling in Prospect Park.

Commemorative Benches

Learn more about installing a new bench or adopting an existing bench in Prospect Park.

Arbor Day Community Tree Planting

In April 2025, participate in a community planting and celebrate a loved one.

PPA Arbor Day 2021 Tree Planting

Arbor Day Community Tree Planting FAQs

Take a look through a gallery of frequently asked questions for the Arbor Day Community Tree Planting.

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