BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Habibi Festival

Doors 6:30 pm + Show 7:30 pm

Habibi Festival will bring us on a musical odyssey to sample the vibrant sounds of the South West Asia North Africa (SWANA) region. Curated by Alex Knowlton, Yacine Boulares, and Meera Dugal, the festival will bring us contemporary and traditional rhythms reimagined by artists like our headliner Bab L’Bluz, a Franco-Moroccan psychedelic rock group captivating audiences from Marrakech to Baghdad to Brooklyn. Also ft. performances by Yacine Boulares, Omar Offendum, Mona Miari, Felukah, Zafer Tawil, and a DJ set by the Yalla! Party Project.


Created with the goal of giving a snapshot of contemporary and traditional music of the South West Asia North Africa (SWANA) region, Habibi Festival aims to take listeners on a journey of the sounds wafting through the airwaves and living rooms of cities spanning Marrakech to Baghdad. This new performing arts festival is a collaboration between the Director of Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater Alex Knowlton, artist/composer/curator Yacine Boulares, and curator/producer Meera Dugal who are bonded by the goal of creating more joyful spaces for performance, conversation, and storytelling from this part of the world.

The festival aims to position music from this region as living, breathing, and evolving art forms – that even ancient traditions are having new lives breathed into them with contemporary artists.

Learn more about this concert at the BRIC website.

This performance is part of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!, presented by BRIC in partnership with Prospect Park Alliance.