c. Jordan Rathkopf

Wonderful Warblers

Join the Alliance to discover why Prospect Park is an important place for over 250 species of birds. Through fun games, experiments and citizen science projects, learn why warblers are so wonderful.

  • Migration Games 10 – 11 am: Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a migrating bird? Wonder no longer, because the Prospect Park Audubon Center offers a series of floor games designed to replicate all the stages of a bird’s long journey.
  • Animal Encounter 11am – 12pm: Join Alliance Naturalists in learning more about the animals in the Audubon Center’s collection.
  • Bird Walk 12pm – 1pm: Did you know that 25 types of warblers stop by Prospect Park in May? Learn how to identify these cute and colorful birds on a bird walk.