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Give a Commemorative Bench

Commemorate a loved one or a special occasion with a personalized bench in Prospect Park. Add a new bench to Prospect Park in a favorite location, or adopt an existing bench you already know and love from among the hundreds in and around the park. With either option, the Alliance will install a plaque with the personal inscription of your choice.

Install a New Bench: $7,500

We will work with you to choose a great location to install a new bench. The process of installing a new bench and the personalized plaque is 4-6 weeks from when the text for the plaque is approved by the donor. 

Adopt an Existing Bench: $3,000

Choose any bench in the park without an existing plaque and add your own personal dedication. The process of adding a personalized plaque to an existing bench in the park is 3-4 weeks from when the text for the plaque is approved by the donor. 

Interested in group fundraising toward your goal? Use our commemorative giving group fundraising donation page to collect donations toward the installation or adoption of a bench in Prospect Park.

We also offer discounts for adopting or installing a bench together with planting a tree in the park. Combinations start at $3,750 and discounts range from $250-$1,500. Contact us for more information.

Have additional questions? Check out the  Commemorative Giving FAQ.


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