c. Chris Bonnell

Goat Fun Facts

Learn More About the Goats in Prospect Park!

By now you’re aware there were goats in Prospect Park.

They were hard at work eating away invasive plants around the Vale of Cashmere, which had overtaken the region because of storm-induced damage to local trees. Each time a weed is eaten by a goat, it has less energy to grow back, and eventually, after being continually consumed, it won’t grow back at all! Then, the Alliance can restore native plants to the area, free of competition from invasive ones.

 (You’ve probably also noticed the goats are very cute critters.) But there’s plenty more to learn about goats!

  • Humans and goats go way back. Goats were among the first animals to be domesticated, over 8,000 years ago.

  • Goats are tough! Out of all the domesticated animals, goats can live in the widest variety of environments, and are right at home in places too rough or barren for cows and sheep.

  • Because their pupils are horizontally oriented, goats have terrific peripheral vision. Good luck sneaking up on a goat!

  • Goats have four stomachs. That’s part of why they’re so great at digesting rough vegetation, like the weeds they’re consuming in Prospect Park.

  • Our goats are in their element in the hillsides they’re working on. Goats are exceptional climbers, and they’re social. They like to congregate in packs on top of rugged terrain.

  • Some folks credit goats with the discovery of coffee! Legend has it a farmer noticed his goats growing hyper and sleepless after eating a certain type of berry.

(Illustration by: Chris Bonnell)