Meet the Tennis Center Staff: Jamual Edwards

December 5, 2022

The Prospect Park Tennis Center, operated by Prospect Park Alliance, is a beloved destination for Brooklyn’s tennis players, and an important part of the experience is the personal and warm welcome they receive as soon as they walk in the door. This is thanks in large part to Front Desk Assistant, Jamual Edwards.

With four years of experience at the Tennis Center and 10 years of customer service experience, Jamual has honed his passion for people. He can often be found in the early morning hours organizing the center’s front desk, checking on the day’s schedule and helping customers book lessons by phone and in person. “Things have been incredibly busy over the last couple years. I’ve seen a huge boom in the amount of people calling and coming in since my start here.” This influx of tennis traffic has been right up Jamual’s alley, as his favorite part of his role is learning the stories of players. “I love to hear about why they love the sport. We have players who care deeply about tennis, they do lessons, play all the time, and even record their matches and watch them back at home–it’s enjoyable to know why they have a passion for tennis.”

On Jamual’s keen knack for customer service, Tennis Center Director, Adrian Clarke says, “He can hear a voice on the phone and immediately know who he’s talking to. Jamual has built a sense of familiarity and really takes the time to get to know the customers. It’s special to have someone in this role that customers really genuinely like talking to.”

While Jamual has a longstanding passion for fitness, tennis specifically is relatively new to him, “I’m passionate about a lot of things outside of tennis, like technology, improv, acting, screenwriting, movies and fitness, so it’s nice to see other passionate people here at the Center.” Jamual speaks to his role at Prospect Park Alliance as one that melds his interests in fitness and working with people in a way he never expected.

Jamual recently tried tennis for the first time, getting out on the court to gain a first-hand understanding of the player-experience at the Center. Clarke explains “It’s important to not only sympathize but also empathize with what players are talking about, what they’re happy about, or what they’re upset about.” Jamual has taken this extra step to get to know the industry and learn how to help players with questions about rackets size, racket stringing, and to understand perspective on general court feedback to best serve customers from the front desk and beyond.

Stop by the Tennis Center to enjoy indoor programming and say hello to Jamual.