Creepy Crawly Halloween

Join Prospect Park Alliance for Halloween fun at the Prospect Park Audubon Center. Take a second look at the creatures that give you the creeps, you may find you like them! Participate in fun activities and experiments that will make your spine tingle!

  • Discovery Boxes, 1–4 pm: What’s inside?  Put your hand in and fine out!  Fun sensory activity with just the right amount of scary!
  • Owl Pellet Dissection, 1–3 pm: Participants will have the opportunity to pick apart owl pellets, masses of undigested parts of food that owl species occasionally regurgitate!
  • Creepy Crawly Walk, 2–3 pm: Participants will search for Prospect Park’s creepy residents and explore the hidden side of the park.
  • Animal Encounter, 3–4 pm: Want to watch the snake gobble up a mouse? Join Alliance Naturalists in learning more about the animals in the Audubon Center’s collection and even assist in an actual feeding.

Also join us Saturday, October 28 for our 38th Annual Haunted Halloween Walk + Fair! Learn more and RSVP.