Dream, Play, Build: Public Book Talk and Interactive Discussion

Join Pratt Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment in partnership with Prospect Park Alliance and Place It! Interactive Planning for a public book talk and interactive discussion. Participants will learn about and experience methods of community engagement that involve using the hands and senses.

Led by James Rojas, co-author of Dream Play Build (Island Press 2022), the events will ground community engagement in the psychology of working with the hands and senses, introduce the various methods Rojas uses, and show how the methods can level the playing field an engage diverse and historically underserved audiences in planning, design, public health, transportation, and more.

To reinforce learning and keep the training engaging, Rojas will lead participants through interactive activities in which participants can experience some of these methods of engagement. The event will also explore how one can apply these approaches to engagement to their own work, with the intention that the learning lessons of the training will live well beyond the event itself and participants can see direct relevance to their own work.

These events are free and open to the public, but space is limited: