Fun on the Farm

Celebrate the arrival of goats to the Park as part of the Prospect Park Alliance’s woodlands restoration! Learn how to make yarn using wool and make goat’s milk ice cream. Enjoy special tours to visit the goats, and join us on a parade to the Prospect Park Zoo to see sheep-shearing demonstrations and collect fleece to bring back to Lefferts and make felt balls.

  • Bleat and Greet Goat Tour, every 30 min: Take a short walk and meet the Park’s resident goats and talk with Larry and Ann Cihanek of Green Goats about the valuable work the goats are doing in the Park.
  • Goat Milk Ice Cream Making, 1 + 3 pm: Help make delicious ice cream with a hand-cranked ice cream maker.
  • Wool Carding and Drop Spindle, 1–4 pm: Learn how to card wool using special tools and how to spin with a drop spindle.  
  • Spinning Demonstrations, 1–4 pm: Come and meet our resident Spinner, Catherine Conrad and see how she spins wool fibers into thread.
  • Parade to Zoo, 1:30 pm: Join Lefferts staff on a parade to the Zoo to see their sheep shearing demonstration.  
  • Felt Balls, 2–4 pm: After the wool is washed and carded, you can try  your hand at making a felt ball.  Use the wood fibers to shape a ball and see if you can make it bounce!
  • Wool Washing, 2–4 pm: After the fleece is shorn from the sheep, the next step is washing it!  Help staff clean the fleece and get it ready for felt balls and spinning!