Lefferts at Home: Spring Sprouts + Historic Cornbread

Get into a weekend project! Lefferts Historic House educators put together activities you can complete at home, using materials found around the house.

Lefferts Historic House Cornbread
The Lefferts family didn’t just leave behind their house; they also left the recipe they used to make cornbread, among other things. And these aren’t just instructions for ordinary cornbread! The instructions that Mrs. Lefferts wrote down will bring you on a journey through the history of farming in the Hudson River Valley, Dutch colonization, steamboats, and so much more.

Spring Sprouts
Pondering an online order of gardening supplies? Skip it! You can make biodegradable starter pots at home for your baby plants, using only newspaper, egg cartons, eggshells, or a paper towel tube.