Olmsted’s Enduring Gift

Photoville, in partnership with New York Times, NYC Parks and Prospect Park Alliance presents Olmsted’s Enduring Gift.

Prospect Park was designed in part by Frederick Law Olmsted, the 19th century landscape architect who designed many public spaces around the country. He was born 200 years ago, and in commemoration of his bicentennial, New York Times photographer Ruth Fremson traveled around the country photographing many of his works, including Brooklyn’s Backyard.

With each trip, she found herself more impressed by Olmsted’s vision and the generosity of his foresight. He designed these spaces and supervised the planting of hundreds of thousands of seedlings. He knew he would not see his plans fully implemented, or enjoy the shade of these trees once they matured.

The collection of photographs in Olmsted’s Enduring Gift is now on view outside the Litchfield Villa.