c. Martin Seck

President’s Week in Prospect Park

Join Prospect Park Alliance on February 20–24 for family-friendly winter programs at the Prospect Park Audubon Center.

Wild in Winter
Prospect Park Audubon Center, Free
Bundle up and find out what your favorite Prospect Park animals are doing this winter. Join Prospect Park Alliance naturalists for the Great Backyard Bird Count, a nation-wide conservation effort established in 1900, and much more!

  • Animal Encounter, 2 pm: Join Alliance Naturalists in learning more about the animals in the Audubon Center’s collection. This program starts promptly at 3 pm.
  • Great Backyard Bird Count, 3 pm: Join Alliance Naturalists in this fun, nationwide Citizen Science project. Each checklist submitted helps researchers learn more about the health of birds and how to best protect them!​