Prospect Park Tour: OHNY Weekend

Join Prospect Park Alliance and Turnstile Tours for a special park tour in celebration of Open House New York. Prospect Park is the masterwork of famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and his partner Calvert Vaux. The saying goes that their most famous creation, Central Park, was a mere practice run, and Prospect Park the true masterpiece. At the heart of their design is the 90-acre Long Meadow, the 150-acre woodland Ravine, and a watercourse that featured waterfalls, springs and a 60- acre Lake. In the mid-20th century the park suffered severe decline, and since the mid-1980s, the non-profit Prospect Park Alliance has focused on restoring the park and now plays a significant role in its day-to-day upkeep. Enjoy a tour of the park’s natural areas as well as some of its historic landmarks, including the 1869 Wellhouse, the last remaining building in the park designed by Calvert Vaux, which originally housed the mechanical equipment that pumped water into the watercourse. The Alliance recently transformed the Wellhouse into the city’s first composting restroom in a public park.

Tickets will be available for reservation on October 1.

Visit the Open House New York website for further information and to RSVP.