PPA Profiles: Nina Sporn

January 2, 2015

Nina Sporn has played tennis in Prospect Park since she was six years old. Her father, Sam Sporn, is a renowned tennis pro who encouraged her at an early age to get in the game. Her love of tennis has been a lifelong passion that she shares with her family to this day.

Nina enjoys the social atmosphere and diversity of players at the center. She brings her entire family for private lessons and match play, including her daughter, husband, mother and tennis pro father.

In addition to her commitment on the court, Nina and her daughter Molly volunteer with the Alliance’s Special Aces program, an innovative tennis program for children with developmental disabilities. Volunteers work closely with tennis pros and therapists to help participating children enjoy active play. Nina has been with the program since its inception seven years ago. She loves that the program provides structure, exercise and confidence for kids who don’t typically have these outlets in their daily lives.

“Some of the kids have been with us since the very beginning, and the progress I see in the players is very gratifying,” she said.