Sanden Wolff

Prospect Park Benefits from Participatory Budgeting

April 18, 2016

This year saw the best voter turnout in Participatory Budgeting NYC (PBNYC) history. Between Council Member Brad Lander’s 39th District and Council Member Mathieu Eugene’s 40th District alone, over 4,000 voters made their voices heard, and advocated for community projects to be completed using city funding. Voters resoundingly came out in support for Prospect Park and the Prospect Park Alliance by supporting three winning projects.

Voters in both the 39th and 40th district helped the Prospect Park Alliance keep the Lake clean for years to come. Valued at $140,000, a new aquatic weed harvester was a top vote-getter, and will prove crucial in the Alliance’s work to remove unwanted vegetation from the Park’s Lake. To see the old “Lake Mess Monster” in action, check out this video about the Prospect Park Alliance, narrated by John Turturro.

Council Member Mathieu’s constituents voted to dedicate $80,000 to the installation of new community barbecue grills in the Park.

Additionally, the Park will soon be receiving new year-round, freeze-resistant drinking fountains for the Park Drive, valued at $175,000, thanks to voters in the 39th. Intrepid and thirsty winter cyclists and runners rejoice!

Thank you to all who participated in PBNYC this year. You truly made a difference, and have helped ensure that Prospect Park will conintue to bloom for years to come.