Smorgasburg Vendors Announced

March 31, 2016

After last year’s successful pilot program, the Prospect Park Alliance and Brooklyn Flea are thrilled for Smorgasburg returns to Prospect Park on Sunday, April 3. And with the new Smorgasburg season, comes new vendors. With offerings like döner kebabs, Chinese street food and “raindrop cake” (a solidified water dessert), there’s something for every palate.

In addition to returning favorites like Dan & John’s Wings, Butter & Scotch and Carnal, Ramen Burger, the following exciting new vendors will join the culinary lineup on Breeze Hill come Sunday:

The name is play on the Chinese word “bao,” which means“baby” or “precious treasure” but also can mean “to be full with love or food.” #Baonanas specializes in banana pudding served by the scoop. Flavors include traditional banana, strawberry, s’mores, and matcha.

Big Mozz Pizza
The team behind Big Mozz is firing up Neapolitan pizza this summer. They worked with a family owned shop in Maine to create custom copperclad
ovens that reach 1000 degrees. They’ll also be handstretching their mozzarella for these extra fresh pies.

Blank Slate Kitchen
Blank Slate Kitchen aims to create a line of professional quality cooking ingredients for home cooks. Their first products are a line of rich syrups, made from palm sugar, including a Black Pepper Simple Syrup and a Bird’s Eye Chili Simple Syrup.

BrunchStreet specializes in a common Chinese breakfast–quail eggs on a skewer. The variations at BrunchStreet, run by Kevin McGhee, a former sous chef at Eleven Madison Park, include the traditional sesame and cumin with chili sauce and more western flavors like truffle, Parmesan, and brioche.

Diego’s Artisan Chocolate
Diego uses a recipe learned from his grandmother to produce chocolate in Guatemala, a tradition that spans thousands of years for producers in the chocolate belt. They purchase beans directly from smallscale, local farmers, and do all of the roasting themselves. They even color the labels by hand!

Fedoroff’s South Philly Cheesesteaks
Keeping things simple with cheesesteaks done South Philly style. If the name sounds familiar, it might be because Dave Fedoroff also runs the very popular Fedoroff’s Roast Pork stand that launched last year at Smorgasburg.

Foraged and Found Edibles
Foraged and Found was started in Seattle by Chef Jeremy Faber and has since expanded to Boston and NYC. They provide over 100 restaurants in New York with mushrooms, ramps, fiddleheads and other seasonal finds. Their booth will be a destination for many home chefs.

Four Sigmatic
Based in Finland, Four Sigmatic makes mushroom coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. They want to make some of the most popular medicinal mushroom varieties, such as the chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane, more palatable and delicious.

Jianbing Co.
Jianbing is the quintessential Chinese street breakfast: a centuriesold wrap that’s both savory and sweet, with a distinctive crunch. 

Kimchi Kooks
Using recipes dating back to Kate Kooks grandfather’s rice wine brewery in Korea, the mother and son team behind Kimchi Kooks make small batch kimchi. In addition to the kimchi sold in jars, they developed a menu to showcase their fermented products, including kimchi mung bean pancakes and kimchi dumplings.

Hailing from West Berlin, Kotti makes döner kebab, a German street food staple. The sandwich is made with marinated meat roasted on a spit, topped with vegetables and served on a focaccialike bread. They’ll also serve an assortment of sodas made in Berlin.

Oni Sauce
Oni Sauce make homestyle Japanese food, such as karaage, Japanese fried chicken; gobo chips, shoestring thin chips made from burdock root; and gyu tataki, a seared beef salad. You can also take home a jar of their onion sauce or their hot chili oil, which they use in all of their recipes.

Pioneer Cannery
Pioneer Cannery makes pickles, jams, mustards, hot sauces and garnishes. Some of their specialties include Bloody Mary Tomatoes, Nopales (picked cactus), and Caramelized Onion & Tomato Jam. 

Raindrop Cake
Inspired by Japanese mizu shingen mochi, the Raindrop Cake is a delicate, light cake made from barely solidified water and served with brown sugar syrup and roasted soy flour.

Red Table Catering
Red Table wants to improve the reputation of the humble English muffin by making breakfast sandwiches completely from scratch–from the English muffins to the housemade cheddarancho beer cheese to the inhouse ground & seasoned maple sausage patty. All of these ingredients are combined to make a melty, messy, delicious sandwich.

Rubyzaar Baked
Rubyzaar Baked bakes cookies inspired by some of their favorite tunes. The cookie menu includes the Midnight Train to Georgia, with peaches, pecans, maple and dark chocolate; the Ginger Baker with crystallized ginger, cranberries, and cinnamon; and the Keith Moonpie with burnt marshmallows, crushed graham crackers and dark chocolate. You’ll also find Rubyzaar at the Stand Coffee//Smorgasburg popup at the new Samsung 837 store in Chelsea.

Tramezzini NYC
The brothers behind Tramezzini NYC, raised in Venice, Italy, make the Venetian specialty using bread and other high quality ingredients imported from Italy. 

Known in Hong Kong as gai dan jai, Wowfulls debuted at the winter Smorgasburg, where they’ve been wildly popular. A Wowfulls pairs egg based waffles, made on a special machines imported from Hong Kong, with ice cream and toppings for a perfectly delicious (and very “Instagramable”) creation.

Be sure to check out Smorgasburg at Breeze Hill every Sunday through October 23!