C. Illustration by Johansen Peralta / Brooklyn Magazine

Sue Donoghue Featured on Brooklyn Magazine: The Podcast

January 15, 2022

Our friends at Brooklyn Magazine have featured Prospect Park Alliance President and Park Administrator, Sue Donoghue in this week’s episode of Brooklyn Magazine: The Podcast. This episode, aptly titled, “The past, present and future of Prospect Park” delves into just that– the history, current happenings, and what to expect next from Prospect Park.

Take a listen to hear Brooklyn Magazine’s Brian Braiker and Sue Donoghue discuss Prospect Park Alliance’s initiatives to ensure that the park is well used, preserved, enhanced, and inviting to all. Sue even also offers her own inside scoop and walks listeners through her take on how to best experience the park for first-time visitors.

Take a listen on the Brooklyn Magazine website!