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Trees of Prospect Park

Prospect Park is home to over 30,000 trees. Among them are several of New York's oldest and most magnificent specimens.

Tulip Tree White Tulip Tree Pignut Hickory Osage Orange Sophora Tree Lacebark Pine Weeping Beech Sophora Tree Camperdown Elm Bald Cypress London Planetree White Mulberry Japanese Red Pine
Tree photography by Paul Blutter

On the map:

1. Japanese Red Pine

2. White Mulberry

3. London Planetree

4. Bald Cypress

5. Camperdown Elm

6. Sophora Tree

7. Weeping Beech

8. Lacebark Pine

9. Sophora Tree

10. Osage Orange

11. Pignut Hickory

12. Tulip Tree

13. White Oak

14. Tulip Tree


Prospect Park Tree Facts

  • There are over 150 species of trees in Prospect Park, including cultivars. The most common are Black Cherry, Norway and Sycamore Maple, Red Oak, and Sweet Gum. Some of the Park’s rarest trees are Cutleaf Beech, Single Leaf Ash, and Weeping Mulberry.
  • The most famous tree in the Park is the Camperdown Elm - a dwarfed, weeping elm tree planted in 1872 near the Boathouse and made famous by poet Marianne Moore. This tree has a genetic mutation that causes it to grow horizontally instead of vertically.
  • The oldest tree documented in Prospect Park to date was a 220-year old Black Oak that fell during a storm in the Ravine. It's difficult to estimate the ages of trees without using invasive methods - but we do believe that there are similar trees of this age in the Park's woodlands now.
  • The tree with the largest girth is located at the Parade Ground next to the bowling green: it is an Elm, 75 inches in diameter at breast height. Some of the tallest trees in the Park are Tulip Trees in the Midwood that are over 100 feet.

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