Celebrate Quilting

November 17, 2015

Tucked in amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City exists a thriving quilting community. For the third consecutive year, the Alliance is teaming up with the Brooklyn Quilters’ Guild to bring the outstanding work of its talented local artists to the Park.

“Lefferts has played a steady role in Brooklyn quilting for the past two decades,” says Maria Carrasco, Vice President of Public Programs with the Prospect Park Alliance. Quilting exhibits from various organizations have long called Lefferts Historic House home.

Longtime fans of the medium as well as curious first-timers will enjoy the craftsmanship and storytelling present in all 18 quilts in the exhibit, Celebration, whose quilters represent a diversity of cultures and backgrounds. Through November 29, join the Alliance at Lefferts Historic House to admire these original creations, which range from traditional to mixed media fiber art.

After exploring Celebration, elementary-school-aged quilting connoisseurs are encouraged to contribute to the community patchwork paper quilt, which highlights the creativity and talents of younger local artists.

Celebration caps off with a celebration of its own. November 29 marks the Lefferts Historic House annual celebration, Winter on a Flatbush Farm, and features an appearance by St. Nicholas, as well as traditional homemade Dutch treats to eat, made over an open fire.