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Climate Week 2020: Events in Prospect Park

September 14, 2020

Join Prospect Park Alliance for NYC Climate Week 2020, September 21-27, 2020, and participate in a variety of events online and in the park. Prospect Park’s 585 acres of thriving ecosystems are home to hundreds of species of plants and animals, including: 30,000 trees, Brooklyn’s only lake and last remaining forest. It is an environmental treasure that benefits our health, our planet and our quality of life for millions of Brooklynites, who have the least amount of green space per resident in all of New York City.

Climate change poses serious threats to Prospect Park and our community, and its effects are already being felt in Brooklyn’s Backyard. This year, we’re excited to host a variety of events to in partnership with Natural Areas Conservancy, Turnstile Tours, WE ACT and more, to bring expert voices to the conversation with the public about climate change and equity in the park and beyond. Additionally, those looking to turn their activism into action can sign up to volunteer at cleanups in the park to help keep this green space healthy and vibrant. And don’t forget to check out our Virtual Prospect Park activities to teach kids about climate change and the environment from home. 

Events and Activities:

Virtual Panel: Equity and the Power of Parks
Online, Tuesday, September 22, 6 pm
Free, Register Today

COVID-19. Racial injustice. Climate change. Parks and open spaces have often served as a haven for New Yorkers in good and challenging times. Our parks are essential. They provide a safe and inclusive space to experience nature and come together as a community in celebration and in protest—while cleaning our air and improving our environment. As New York City works to become a more equitable city in the face of these growing challenges, what role do our parks and natural resources play in achieving that goal? Whether they’re mitigating the Urban Heat Island effect or simply providing safe and inclusive spaces to experience nature, our city’s parks need investment by our government, as well as community support, funding, and advocacy to be beneficial for all New Yorkers. Join the Natural Areas Conservancy, Prospect Park Alliance, and WE ACT for a virtual panel discussion as we share how our organizations are employing a wide range of strategies and solutions to advance equity and accessibility in New York City’s parks.

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Virtual Event: Tackling Climate Change in Prospect Park
Online, Thursday, September 24, 12:30 pm
Free, Register Today

Join Prospect Park Alliance, Natural Areas Conservancy and Turnstile Tours for a Climate Week NYC virtual program! Learn how climate change has affected Prospect Park and other natural areas in New York City and the projections for the future, including how Prospect Park Alliance and the Natural Areas Conservancy is using the best available science to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and preserve our urban forests. We will be joined by Prospect Park Alliance forest ecologist Howard Goldstein and Justin Bowers, Natural Areas Conservancy program manager for Natural Areas Restoration and the creator of Forest Identification and Restoration Selection Tool (FIRST), which helps forest restoration practitioners manage for and adapt to geographic and climate conditions.

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It’s My Park + Green and Go Kit Cleanups
Various Locations, September 21, 25, 26, 27
Free, Register Today

We need you to help keep the park clean and green! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both Prospect Park Alliance and NYC Parks have lost critical funding, and our seasonal workforce has been reduced. This combined with an increase in park visitors has led to the park getting much more love than it can handle. Sign up to pitch in and help clean the park landscape during NYC Climate Week, with special It’s My Park Day + Green and Go Kit opportunities. Volunteers are provided a trash grabber, garbage bags and gloves. You must be 18 years old to register, but children are welcome to accompany adults.

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Pop-Up Audubon Play and Go Kits
Parkside and Ocean Avenue Entrance, September 27, 12-4 pm

Prospect Park Alliance presents Pop-Up Audubon Play and Go Kits, taking our favorite nature activities from this seasonal program in an easy-to-borrow kit with games and activities such as Bird Bingo, as well as a birdwatching checklist with binoculars, and much more. Families and children can enjoy nature on their own as they explore and learn more about the park. Kits can be borrowed for up to 45 minutes, and will be sanitized between sessions. Pop-Up Audubon is made possible through the generous support of Con Edison.

Virtual Prospect Park: Climate Week Activities

Enjoy a variety of virtual activities for environmental heroes including games and DIY projects that will teach your all about our planet and the importance of protecting it.