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July is Wildlife Month!

July 12, 2023

Prospect Park Alliance’s Summer of Stewardship continues, and this July is Wildlife Month! Prospect Park’s 585 acres are a critical habitat for countless wildlife species who call the park home. This month, get to know these wonderful species and learn how you can #BeAParkChampion and help them thrive.

  • Get to Know Prospect Park’s Wildlife: Did you know that you can find over 250 species of birds in Prospect Park? Or ever wonder where the park’s chipmunks go in the winter? Learn about the park wildlife and test your knowledge with a quiz!
  • Volunteer in Prospect Park: The many species of wildlife that live throughout the park need a healthy park ecosystem to thrive. Join an upcoming Park Pitch-In, It’s My Park Day or Green + Go Kit event to help support the park’s mammals, reptiles, birds, pollinators and more.
  • Make Every Park Visit Count: Remember to admire wildlife from afar, carry out all that you bring with you into the park + keep dogs leashed outside of designated areas. These stewardship actions help make a difference with each and every visit and ensure that the beloved wildlife of Prospect Park stay safe and healthy.
  • Send an Rx for Nature: Be A Park Champion today, and share the health and wellness benefits of nature with someone you love by sending an Rx for Nature. Plus, you and your Rx recipient will be entered to win a family supporter level Alliance membership!

Learn much more about being a Park Champion in Prospect Park.