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Love in the Park

February 17, 2016

Jill and AJ Joyner are avid nature enthusiasts and Prospect Park regulars. When they first met, they would drive from Queens to enjoy the splendor of the winding trails in the Ravine and cycle around the loop. When they decided to move in together, AJ insisted that they live within walking distance of their favorite urban park. They found a great place in Park Slope, where they’ve lived since 2011. In January 2014, he popped the question, and in September they were married at the Picnic House in Prospect Park.

For most newly engaged couples the task of selecting a wedding venue is a daunting task. For this pair, however, the choice was obvious. “Everyone we know bikes in the Park,” Jill explained. “I love to run with my friends and walk my sister’s dog Rayne. The Picnic House in Prospect Park was such a perfect place to have our wedding that we didn’t even look anywhere else.”

On their wedding day, Jill gave AJ a small metal token with the date and GPS coordinates etched into it, so they will always know the exact spot where they exchanged their vows.

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