Prospect Park Love Story: Jen + Lauren

February 5, 2015

Check out photos from Lauren + Jen’s wedding album!

For Lauren Kaelin and Jen Mecum, deciding to get married in Prospect Park was an easy decision. The Park has been a major part of their story, from engagement, to wedding, and beyond.

Jen and Lauren, who live within blocks of the Park, are no strangers to lounging on the Long Meadow. On most sunny days, chances are you can spot them tossing a Frisbee around with their corgi, Idgie. And after countless days spent in Prospect Park, the two even got engaged here on their way home from a movie in Park Slope.

“When Lauren and I started talking about wedding venues,” Jen said, “Prospect Park was top of mind. As soon as we walked in to an open house at the Picnic House, we knew we had found our venue.”

Their wedding day itself went smoothly. “Getting married is quite the enterprise and there were dozens of people working at our wedding,” said Jen. “And I loved every one of them. Not to mention all the friends and family. That is truly the oddest and most overwhelming sensation — to stand in room with 150+ people and know and love every one. It is the most joyous occasion.”

Jen considered the wedding a giant party for all the people you love to come together in fancy outfits and celebrate with you. “Think of it that way and planning gets a lot easier,” said Jen. “The staff at the Picnic House is exceedingly nice and liaised seamlessly with our entire event team. One of the great things about the Picnic House is that there is only one wedding per day, so once you lock in your date, you can decide on the timing without worrying about another couple’s schedule.”

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