A Message from Sue Donoghue

February 4, 2022

A message from Prospect Park Alliance President Sue Donoghue:

I am writing to you today with exciting news: Mayor Eric Adams has announced my appointment as the next New York City Parks Commissioner. 

Serving as the President of Prospect Park Alliance and Park Administrator has been one of the great honors of my career. I’ve been so lucky to work alongside so many dedicated people, from Alliance and NYC Parks staff, to our incredibly hardworking volunteers and community advocates, and a devoted Board of Directors that has provided the Alliance exceptional guidance and leadership.

I’m honored to be taking on a citywide leadership role in caring for New York City’s most essential resource, its parks and open spaces, and I will continue to cherish and support Prospect Park as a neighbor and park advocate. It has been a great privilege to steward this breathtakingly beautiful space, and serve as only the third president of this thriving, 35-years-young organization.

During this time we’ve advanced the park in numerous ways: rebounding from the challenges of the pandemic through our Re:New Prospect Park initiative; restoring the Flatbush Avenue perimeter and creating the first new entrances of the park since the 1940s; revitalizing and expanding the park’s woodlands and natural areas; bringing back to the public the exquisitely restored Endale Arch and Concert Grove Pavilion; and securing funds for our next great phase of restoration, the 26-acre Vale in the park’s northeast corner. This work has only been possible due to the support of dedicated individuals such as you.

The last two years have tested our resolve in many ways, but they have also brought into clear focus the importance of our parks and open spaces. Prospect Park has served as both a respite and a gathering space, a great green oasis for the community during these challenging times.

I look forward to continuing to work alongside you, cheering for and supporting these glorious 585 acres. Thanks to our amazing staff and experienced leadership, the Alliance is in good hands today and in the years to come, in large part due to the dedication and support of all of you, our community of park lovers.

All the best,
Sue Donoghue