Tennis Pro Adrian Clarke Shares 3 Tips to Improve Your Serve

March 15, 2017

The tennis pros at the Prospect Park Tennis Center provide expert instruction to adults and children. This month we caught up with Adrian Clarke, one of the Tennis Center’s experienced professionals. A Barbados tennis legend, Adrian has represented the Caribbean in the Davis Cup. He has been living in Brooklyn for 44 years and has been working for the Prospect Park Tennis Center for 10 years, teaching players of all ages and levels. Adrian shared his 3 tips for the perfect serve:

1. The perfect toss: Adrian admits that even the pros often have trouble with their toss. He suggests keeping your wrist and elbow straight during your toss to allow for maximum control. Then, instead of throwing the ball into the air, try simply placing it with your outstretched arm.

2. A power stance: Stand on a diagonal so that your shoulders turn as you hit the ball instead of facing directly across the court. This rotation will put power behind your serve. Adrian calls this “the trophy stance”.

3. Perfect placement: Having trouble putting power behind your serve? No worries! Adrian suggests learning to place your serve in a couple of different spots on the court. This way, you can vary where your serve lands and keep your opponent on their toes.

Want to up your game? Sign up for lessons at the tennis center to work with Adrian and other outstanding tennis professionals. Pros at the tennis center give students of all ages personalized attention while they acquire fundamentals and increase their skill level.