Carousel Birthday Parties FAQ

Located in the Park’s Children’s Corner, the Carousel is one of the park’s most popular attractions. Its 53 magnificent horses ride alongside a lion, a giraffe, a deer and two dragon-pulled chariots. It was carved in 1912 by Charles Carmel, one of the foremost carousel designers of his time. Carousel birthday parties offer plenty of amusement for children of all ages.

Party Details:

  • Unlimited rides on the Prospect Park Carousel
  • Two-hour time slot, including setup and cleanup.
  • Two 6-foot tables, ten chairs, two child-sized tables and twelve child-sized chairs in a dedicated space under the awning.
  • Guests are welcome to supply their own food, and are encouraged to bring a cake and candles. Snacks and drinks are also available for sale at the concession stand.
  • The Carousel is wheelchair accessible and sensory friendly.

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Are there bathrooms near the Carousel?

Yes, the Willink restrooms are near the Carousel, about a 1 minute walk from the Children’s Corner. View all restroom locations on the Prospect Park map.

Do you have any recommendations for food?

You’re welcome to bring any food and drinks you’d like or to have food delivered to the Carousel. If you’d like a pizza recommendation, Gino’s on Flatbush is very nearby and will deliver right to the Carousel. They can be reached at (718) 287-1277. If you’re having food delivered from a place that doesn’t know where the Carousel is, you can give 452 Flatbush as the address for the delivery and then meet the delivery person out on Flatbush.

Can we drive into the park and do you offer parking?

Cars are not permitted to enter the park for Carousel parties and Prospect Park Alliance does not offer parking. However, patrons can pull up to the Children’s Corner park entrance right by the Carousel – the cobblestone entrance just north of the intersection of Flatbush and Empire – to unload. The nearest parking is along Flatbush. View all park entrances on the Prospect Park map.

What happens if it rains?

The Carousel can safely operate in the rain. The ride is covered and tables are set up under an awning, so if there’s a light rain we can still hold the party. However, in the event of severe weather, we would most likely need to cancel, in which case we either reschedule or, if you prefer, refund you the full rental fee. We always discuss the decision with the renter before canceling.

How long do we have to set up before the party and to clean up after it ends?

You’ll have 15 minutes to set up before your rental period and 15 minutes to clean up after it ends.

Can we play our own music?

For private parties, you can bring your own portable speaker to play your own music if you’d like. For parties during public hours, we’ll play the standard Carousel organ music.

Do you have a refrigerator that we can use?

We have a small amount of space in our refrigerator where you can keep a cake/cupcakes/etc. during your party if you’d like.

Can we grill near the Carousel?

Grilling is not permitted near the Carousel. Learn more about barbeque rules and safety and view permitted grilling areas.

Can we bring a bounce house?

Bounce houses are not permitted in the park.

Can we decorate?

You’re welcome to decorate the party space where we set up the tables and chairs. Nothing can be taped or otherwise affixed to the walls or to the ride itself. You should keep in mind that you’ll only have about 15 minutes to set up.

For the parties during public hours, does everyone need a wristband to ride? What happens if we run out of wristbands?

Everyone except for children under two will need a wristband or ticket to ride the Carousel, including adults and children. You’ll receive 35 wristbands when you arrive for your party. If you end up having slightly more than 35 guests who want to ride, you can purchase extra tickets at the time of your party. Rides on the carousel are $3 each or five for $13.

How many staff members will be present for my party?

For all parties there are a minimum of two staff members present: a carousel operator and a party host, who is there to help with set up and clean up and to make sure everything goes smoothly. During public hours there is also a cashier on site.

Do you have any Carousel merchandise that we can purchase as a memento?

Yes, we sell Prospect Park Carousel coloring books, buttons, and t-shirts, all of which are available at the ticket counter.

Get in touch and learn more about hosting your little one’s next party at the Prospect Park Carousel.