Barbecue Rules and Safety

Barbecuing is permitted only in designated areas of the Park (see map):

  • Bandshell North + South
  • Bartel-Pritchard Lawn
  • Lincoln Road Lawn
  • Long Meadow North (near Grand Army Plaza)
  • Nethermead Picnic Area
  • Park Circle Picnic Area
  • Parkside Lawn
  • Peristyle Lawn
  • Picnic House North + South
  • 10th Avenue Lawn
  • Vanderbilt Oval
  • Wellhouse Picnic Area

Follow these rules to protect wildlife habitats and the safety of all visitors:

  • Use a charcoal grill or hibachi at least two feet above the ground.
  • Propane is not permitted; charcoal only.
  • No fire within 10 feet of any building, tree or underbrush, or beneath the branches of any tree.
  • Groups of 20 or more require a permit.

Barbecue Clean-Up:

  • Do not place coals on ground.
  • Deposit coals in hot coal bins, or extinguish coals with water and wrap coals in foil.
  • Place extinguished and wrapped coals in a dumpster, or leave them in or next to a trashcan.
  • Please bag all other trash and place in a dumpster, or leave it in or next to a trashcan.

Download our Barbecue Guide for the latest info and tips for enjoying Prospect Park.