Athletic Field Permits

Organized leagues need a permit to use an athletic field or court at the Long Meadow Ballfields or the Prospect Park Parade Ground.

Learn more about organized leagues for softball + baseball, and for soccer.

Please read the Parks Guidelines for Use of Field and Court Space. Please note that food or drinks are not allowed on the fields or courts.

Please help keep the park green, safe and beautiful by following Park sports rules and safety guidelines. 

Sports Fees
There is a sports permit fee for groups with players more than 18 years of age. 

  • Adult basketball: $8 per hour
  • Adult baseball, softball and volleyball: $12.50 per hour per field
  • All other sports (soccer, football, frisbee, etc.): $16 per hour per field
  • Field with lights: $25 per hour

First Date to Apply for a Sports Permit

  • Spring and Summer Season (March 17–August 31): Renew, November 15-January 15, New Permit, January 1-August 23
  • Fall Season (September 1–November 30): Renew, April 15-June 15, New Permit, June 1-November 23
  • Winter Season (December 1–March 16): Renew, September 15-November 1, New Permit, October 15-March 9

The Long Meadow Ballfields are available for baseball and softball in the spring and summer season, soccer in the fall season and are closed to all sports in the winter season.