Sports Rules + Safety

Please follow the following rules and safety guidelines to keep Prospect Park clean, safe and beautiful.

  • Permits are required for all organized team play.
  • Please clean up after your game.
  • Barbecuing and cycling are not allowed on athletic fields.
  • Dogs are not allowed on athletic fields.
  • Smoking, glass bottles or alcohol are not allowed on athletic fields.
  • All sports are prohibited on lawns when wet.
  • Sports are prohibited on all lawns in Prospect Park from December 1 through March 31 so they can recover for the spring season. The Parade Ground has several synthetic fields that can be reserved during these months.
  • Cricket is not allowed at the Prospect Park Parade Ground for safety reasons. Cricket is allowed at Canarsie Beach and Marine Park. Please call (718) 965-8912 for permits and availability.
  • No cleats are allowed on synthetic fields in Prospect Park.
  • Gum is not allowed on synthetic fields. Synthetic fields get hot on warm, sunny days, so bare feet are not allowed.
  • To protect yourself from the heat, wear loose clothing, exercise lightly and drink lots of water.