Backyard Bird Bingo

This activity comes to us from the educators at the Prospect Park Audubon Center. Check out our Audubon at Home page for more nature fun.

Whether you’re looking out a window or taking a walk in the park, chances are you can see some birds! Did you know? Prospect Park is a haven for birds, with over 200 species spotted annually within the park’s 585 acres. Our feathered friends are critically important to the health of our ecosystem, and we need to help protect them.

Download the Backyard Bird Bingo Boards

How to Play:

Backyard Bird Bingo is a simple introduction to birdwatching and to some of the common birds in our area.             

Download and print out the boards and compete against yourself or others. Watch for birds in your backyard, out your window, or on trips to the park. When you spot one of the birds, place an X over the square. Try to get 4 in a row in any direction—or try to fill in the whole board!

Binoculars may be helpful but are not necessary as long as you can see the birds well enough to identify them. 

Good luck and have fun!

Bird bingo board.png