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Capital Projects Tracker

Prospect Park Alliance, the non-profit organization that cares for the park in partnership with the City, undertakes a variety of restoration and improvement projects throughout Prospect Park. This is made possible through the support of partners in government, as well as private foundations and individual donors.

Capital projects follow the New York City Parks design and construction guidelines. Each phase takes approximately one year, although the construction timeline is based on the scope of the project:

  1. Design Phase: Prospect Park Alliance architects and landscape architects draw up the plans for the project, and guide them through the approval process
  2. Procurement Phase: the project goes through a public process to assemble the construction team
  3. Construction Phase: the physical construction of the project takes place.


Horseback Riding Ring
Prospect Park Alliance is creating a covered horseback riding ring north of the Prospect Park Zoo for public and therapeutic riding. $3.5 million of the $4.1 million project has been funded to date through support from former Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams and Council Member Brad Lander. Prospect Park is currently home to a therapeutic horseback riding program offered by Gallop NYC, a non-profit organization that serves children and adults with disabilities and special needs, at an uncovered ring at the Prospect Park Parade Ground Bowling Green. A covered riding arena will enable riding to take place year round and in inclement weather, and broaden the programming.

Maintenance Compound
With support from former Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the Brooklyn Delegation of the New York City Council, $2.62 million of approximately $8.2 million in funding has been secured to build a new Prospect Park Maintenance Compound. This new facility will provide offices and storage for Prospect Park Alliance and NYC Parks Landscape Management and Maintenance + Operations staff, who currently are housed in facilities around the park, including the soon-to-be restored Tennis House. 

Parade Ground Field 9 Restoration
Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene dedicated $734,000 for the Alliance to replace the turf on Field 9 at the Parade Ground, a beloved destination for sports in the park. The fields at the Parade Ground see heavy use, and replacing the turf at Field 9 will make it safer and more enjoyable for all who use it.  

In the Design Phase:

Carousel Restoration
This $500,000 project funded by Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo will enable the Alliance to restore the Prospect Park Carousel, one of the park’s most popular attractions, which was last restored 25 years ago as the Alliance’s first restoration project. This project will include structural work, waterproofing and mechanical upgrades.
Estimated completion: Spring 2020

Endale Arch Restoration
This $500,000 project, funded by the Tiger Baron Foundation, will enable the Alliance to reconstruct the interior vault of the arch and restore the landscape around the arch. The project is taking place in phases. The Alliance has completed landscaping on the south side of the arch; and is currently landscaping the north side of the arch. In the next phase, the Alliance will restore the interior of the vaulted tunnel to its original wood-clad design, replace long-lost wood benches that sit in the alcoves of the tunnel, and add lighting to the interior.
Estimated completion: Fall 2019

Flatbush Fit!
Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene has provided $500,000 in funding through the District 40 participatory budgeting initiative of for this Prospect Park Alliance project at the southwest corner of the Prospect Park Parade Ground, which will improve community space and access to health and wellness in the neighborhood.  
Estimated completion: Spring 2021

Grand Army Plaza Berms and Bailey Fountain Paving Restoration
Funded by Mayor Bill de Blasio, this $3 million project will enable Prospect Park Alliance to replace uneven and worn paving around Bailey Fountain, and restore the berms surrounding the plaza to their original grandeur with new plantings and decorative fencing.
Estimated completion: Summer 2021

Grand Army Plaza Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch Restoration
Mayor Bill de Blasio also has provided $6 million in funding for Prospect Park Alliance to restore the historic Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Arch in Grand Army Plaza. The project will replace the Arch's roof, clean and repoint the brick and stone structure, repair the interior iron staircases that lead to the roof, and replace the interior and exterior lighting. The Memorial Arch, which commemorates the Civil War, is Brooklyn’s most significant monumental public artwork. It was designed by John Duncan and completed in 1892 to commemorate the Union’s soldiers and sailors. The Arch is adorned with three bronze statuary ensembles by sculptor Frederick MacMonnies.
Estimated completion: Fall 2021

Harmony Playground Adult Fitness Area + Improvements
Council Member Brad Lander has provided $850,000 in funding through the District 39 participatory budgeting initiative for the Alliance to restore and enhance the Harmony Playground in Prospect Park. The project includes creating an adult fitness area with playground-style exercise equipment for senior citizens and the less able-bodied; installing a shade structure over the existing sandbox; and repairing or replacing play elements and structures.
Estimated Completion: Summer 2021

Lefferts Historic House Restoration
This $2.5 million project funded by former Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the Brooklyn Delegation of the New York City Council will enable the Alliance to restore Lefferts Historic House and surrounding areas. Lefferts Historic House, built in the 18th century, is operated by the Alliance in partnership with the Historic House Trust. At Lefferts, the Alliance provides free cultural and educational programs for all ages,which serve thousands of residents from Brooklyn and throughout New York City each year. Restoration will include replacing the roof, restoring the exterior of the building and repairing paths and drainage surrounding the house.
Estimated completion: Spring 2021

Long Meadow Ball Fields 2 and 3 Restoration
Council Member Brad Lander contributed $750,000 and Mayor Bill de Blasio contributed $800,000 to complete the Alliance's ongoing restoration of the Long Meadow Ball Fields. Through the support of the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office, Council Members Brad Lander and Stephen Levin, and the New York City Council Brooklyn Delegation, the Alliance has already restored Fields 1, 6 and 7, and Fields 4 and 5 are currently in procurement. The project includes restoration and additional drainage to keep the fields in good playing condition; repairing the broken drainage line to the west of these ball fields; new pathways and benches, dedicated clay storage bins and shaded dugouts.
Estimated completion: Spring 2021

Ocean Avenue and Parkside Avenue Entrance + Perimeter Restoration
Prospect Park Alliance is undertaking a $9.4 million restoration of the Parkside and Ocean Avenue perimeters and entrance to the park, which is made possible through $6.4 million in funding by the Department of Transportation; $2 million in funding from Borough President Eric L. Adams; and $750,000 in funding from Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene. This large-scale restoration by the Alliance will include new sidewalks and paving, new historic lighting and street furniture, the planting of new trees and the addition of a protected bike lane. A focal point of the entrance will be a new monument to a Brooklyn political trailblazer, U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm, who was both the first black Congresswoman and the first woman to seek the Democratic presidential nomination. This project continues the Alliance's work to restore the perimeter of the east side of the park, including the Flatbush Avenue perimeter, which is also being funded by the Borough President, as well as Council Member Laurie Cumbo.
Estimated completion: Fall 2021

Prospect Park Bandshell Restoration
This $4 million restoration of the Prospect Park Bandshell is funded by the New York City Council and the offices of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Bandshell is a historic concert venue and now acts as the home of the Celebrate Brooklyn summer concert series. The Alliance will undertake improvements to the building and surrounding area that will help to better accommodate the crowds that come here. While the building’s historic exterior will remain largely unchanged, mechanical and electrical systems will be modernized to accommodate lighting and audio-visual technology. The landscape will also be re-graded to improve sight lines.
Estimated completion: phase I: May 2020; phase II: May 2021

Prospect Park Tennis House Restoration
Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council, led by former Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the Brooklyn Delegation, have provided $5.1 million for Prospect Park Alliance to restore the historic Prospect Park Tennis House. Located along the Long Meadow near the park's 9th Street entrance, the Tennis House has been closed to the public for the last decade. This funding will allow the Alliance to restore this beautiful structure, which was designed by the same architect as the Prospect Park Boathouse, and originally served as a facility for lawn tennis players at the turn of the 19th century.
Estimated completion: Spring 2022

In the Procurement Phase:

Concert Grove Pavilion Restoration
Former Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and the Brooklyn Delegation of the New York City Council is funding the $2 million restoration of the Concert Grove Pavilion. This pavilion was closed to the public in 2014 due to structural damage. The Alliance will restore this historic structure and return a community resource to public use. Surrounding pathways and lighting will also be restored.
Estimated completion: Spring 2020

Flatbush Avenue Entrances
This $3.2 million project, funded by Mayor Bill de Blasio through his Parks without Borders program, will enable the Alliance to create two new entrances along the park’s Flatbush Avenue perimeter. A major entrance will be created in the northeast section of the park near the Rose Garden and a minor secondary entrance will be created just north of the Prospect Park Zoo.
Estimated completion: Summer 2020

Kensington Dog Run
This $405,000 project is funded by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Council Members Brad Lander and Dr. Mathieu Eugene. The project will enable the Alliance to construct a dog run along western edge of the Parade Ground near Coney Island Avenue. Dog owners will have access to a fenced-in space where their dogs can exercise and socialize.
Estimated completion: Summer 2020

Long Meadow Ball Fields 4 and 5 Restoration
Council Member Brad Lander funded this $1.25 million project that will enable the Alliance to restore two of Prospect Park’s seven ball fields, which were last restored in 1986. This restoration is a continuation of an ongoing Alliance project that is restoring the entire 34-acre site, to date Fields 1, 6 and 7 have been restored. The project includes improved drainage to better handle stormwater runoff, restoring the playing fields, new pathways, lighting, benches, dedicated clay storage bins and shaded dugouts.
Estimated completion: Summer 2020

Northeast Perimeter Path Work
This $2 million project funded by the Office of Mayor Bill de Blasio will enable the Alliance to restore pathways in the underused Northeast section of Prospect Park to make it more accessible to the communities who use the park. This project will include the reconstruction of approximately 1,200 linear feet of paths, replacement of park benches and the addition of path lighting where currently none exists.
Estimated completion: Fall 2020

In the Construction Phase:

Flatbush Avenue Perimeter Restoration
This $2.4 million restoration project is funded by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and City Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo. The project will enable the Alliance to reconstruct the park’s perimeter along Flatbush Avenue, a major vehicular, subway and pedestrian corridor that connects users to Prospect Park and well as other cultural institutions in Brooklyn. The project will reconstruct the sidewalk, fencing and install new street furniture, lighting and landscaping.
Estimated completion: Summer 2019

Parade Ground Adult Fitness Area
Funded by Council Member Dr. Mathieu Eugene, this $750,000 project enables the Alliance to construct a new Adult Fitness area, install a cooling misting line along the heavily used soccer fields, fix drainage problems at Field 7 and reconstruct the Volleyball Court. The Alliance will also add shade trees and additional seating to the central court area.
Estimated completion: Spring 2019

Resilient Running Lane Pilot Project
Council Member Steve Levin is funding this $100,000 pilot project that will enable the Alliance to replace a short stretch of the Prospect Park Drive with more porous pavement, which will reduce the impact of stormwater runoff in the park, and is easier on runners and walkers' joints.
Estimated completion: September 2019

Year-Round, Freeze-Resistant Drinking Fountains
Council Member Brad Lander is funding this $175,000 project through the District 39 participatory budgeting initiative that will enable the Alliance to install four fountains along the Prospect Park Drive that are freeze resistant and available year round.
Estimated completion: Spring 2019