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Barbecues and Picnics

COVID-19 UPDATE: Please note that social distancing protocols are in effect in Prospect Park. Please wear a mask and maintain a 6 feet distance between yourself and others while visiting the park. For more information visit our coronavirus update page.

Since its opening in 1867, Prospect Park has been one of the City’s premier destinations for picnicking. We welcome barbecues in the park in the picnic areas designated on the map below.

Please follow these rules to protect wildlife habitats and the safety of all park patrons:

  • Use a charcoal grill or hibachi at least two feet above the ground.
  • Propane is not permitted; charcoal only.
  • No fire within 10 feet of any building, tree or underbrush, or beneath the branches of any tree.
  • Groups of 20 or more require a permit, and are only allowed at select picnic areas (see map below). Learn more.
  • Do not place coals on the ground. 
  • Deposit coals in hot coal bins, or extinguish coals with water and wrap coals in foil.
  • Place extinguished and wrapped coals in a dumpster, or leave them in or next to a trash receptacle.
  • Please bag all other trash and deposit in or next to a trash receptacle, or if possible carry your trash with you out of the park.



Rules and Safety

Barbecuing is permitted only in designated areas of the Park.


Having a party? Groups of more than 20 people require a permit.