c. Fiora Watts

Earth Day Online Activities

Prospect Park Alliance is proud to present a variety of virtual activities for environmental heroes. Below, find activities, games, and DIY projects that will teach your all about our planet and the importance of protecting it.


  • Bird Beak Bonanza!  Have you ever wondered why birds have so many different types of beaks and bills? In this activity, use household items to learn about how different beak shapes help birds eat their favorite foods.
  • Backyard Bird Bingo: Whether you’re looking out your window, or going for a walk in the park, chances are you can spot some birds! Play solo or compete against each other in this game of bird bingo, tailored for our area.


  • Grow a Grocery Garden: Turn your food scraps into a bountiful, Earth-friendly home garden.
  • Save a Bird with a Sticker: How can a sticker save a bird? It’s not the sticker itself that’s important but rather where you put it that matters. In this case it’s on your windows—learn to make window decals that will help prevent dangerous bird collisions
  • Make Your Own Paper: How does recycling actually work? To show you, we’re going to make a new piece of paper out of materials you have at home.
  • Native Seed Splash: Learn about the importance of native species and create native seed balls to plant.
  • Nature Playtime: Heading to the park? Download one of our activities cards to explore nature in Brooklyn’s Backyard.

Additional Resources

  • Take Our Earth Day Pledge: Take our pledge to be a champion of Brooklyn nature today and every day!
  • Virtual Prospect Park: Explore Prospect Park with virtual content that will introduce you to the park’s history, wildlife, trees and great outdoors.